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“TEHNORAD” is a company, which originates from Antonijevic Milovan Metalworks founded in 1969. Meanwhile, it has expanded into a privately owned company. The company, which is comprised of modern manufacturing plants, is based in Valjevo, 74 Alekse Dundica street covering area of roughly 1.000 square meters.

Today, „TEHNORAD“ employs 20 workers who produce: bolts, nuts, plugs, washers, rivets, bolts without head, as well as all other parts that are not included in the catalogue, but can be made upon request with enclosed drawing or sample.

One of our main goals is to familiarize our partners with the detailed presentation of our manufacturing portfolio through this website in order to achieve more successful mutual cooperation.

We will withhold the right to change our catalogue in the future, since the data presently included serves to provide general overview of our work.

If certain product is not based on your technical documentation, please refer to the catalogue identification mark when ordering. This is to prevent potential errors and/or mistakes in the process of either manufacturing or product delivery.

For all technical and other information, please consult our customer service, which is available at your disposal at any time.


Detailed information about manufacturing portfolio of “TEHNORAD” company can be obtained at this site … >>>

Our trademark consists of the letters T, R and V and symbolize  Tehnorad Valjevo... >>>


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